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Gillian Rosenberg

Dr Gillian Rosenberg

Innovation Lead, National Cancer Programme, NHS England

Gillian Rosenberg leads the cancer innovation team at NHS England and is responsible for enabling the implementation of prioritised innovations that will support the NHS Long Term Plan ambitions. This is achieved by overseeing several workstreams that deliver real-world implementation pilots of promising cancer innovations including the Cancer Programme Innovation Open Call; national implementation pilots for Cytosponge (a sponge-on-a-string improve oesophageal cancer diagnosis) and GRAIL (a new multi-cancer early diagnosis blood test); and funding local innovations via Cancer Alliances. Gillian has previously undertaken a number of roles at the interface between research and implementation, in both NHS and charity organisations, delivering evidence to bring about impactful changes in the healthcare policy and practice. These roles have given her experience across multiple research disciplines including basic science; public health; policy research, clinical diagnostic testing and validation of new technologies. She also holds a PhD in Chemical Biology from Imperial College.

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