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Daniel Casson

Daniel Casson

MD, Casson Consulting

I set up Casson Consulting in April 2019 to work with care leaders on Innovation in adult social care.
I am a leader of change in complex environments and a driver of transformation to create value in health and social care. I work with care organisations, health and local authorities and care umbrella bodies to enhance quality of life and productivity.
From 2007-2019, I was for Head of Business Development at Jewish Care and before that worked in international development with a focus on the Middle East as my first degree was in Arabic and Middle East Studies. This was followed by an MBA.
I am digital transformation advisor at Care England, part of the Digital Social Care Team, conference director for LaingBuisson and contributor to Public Policy Project’s social care programme. I write a regular blog for Care England and am a founder member of The Data Café.

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