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Dan Bunstone

Dr Dan Bunstone

Medical Advisor, ETC Health @BT Group and Warrington Innovation Network (PCN)

Dr Dan Bunstone is Medical Advisor in ETC Health @BT Group, where the teams focus is on remote clinical monitoring and proactive care of long term conditions. The ambition is to better monitor and support patients, helping to stay healthy, but to identify deterioration early to enable rapid intervention. Keeping people healthier for longer and intervening sooner to enable quicker recovery. The focus is on Proactive Health Management.

As Clinical Director of Warrington Innovation Network, Dr Bunstone drives innovation, to augment care with digital solutions and enable patients to access the care they need from our team of highly skilled health care professionals. We have a hybrid offering across physiotherapy, mental health and clinical pharmacy so our patients are able to consult face-to-face, through video, or phone.

Dan now maintains his clinical practice as a GP Principal at Chapelford Medical Centre, a surgery prioritising the delivery of high quality care with a multi-disciplinary team. We are live with a fully remote and staffed triage set up, an entirely new cloud based phone system powered by BT to increase patient access and signpost to the right care. The next focus is PCN wide integration and creation of collaborative triage hubs.

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