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Chrissie Thirlwell

Prof Chrissie Thirlwell

Clinical Director SW GMSA, NHS South West Genomic Medicine Service Alliance

Chrissie is Professor of Cancer Genomics at University of Exeter Medical School and UCL Cancer Institute, Clinical Director of the South West Genomic Medicine Service Alliance and Medical Oncologist at the Royal Devon University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
She has an international reputation for research into and on the management of neuroendocrine tumours and integrated genomic analyses of cancer. She is the Secretary of UKI NETs and ENETs Advisory Board member and is Co-Chair of the NETRF (USA) board of scientific advisors and chairs the Genomics England Neuroendocrine Tumour 100,000 Genomes Clinical Interpretation group (GeCIP). Her research group focuses on integrated genomic and circulating free DNA analysis in neuroendocrine and other solid tumours.

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