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Chris Brockbank

Chris Brockbank

Clinical and Professional Lead - Adult Audiology, Lancashire Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Initially employed by the NHS as a student Audiology Technician at Blackpool in 1984, Chris eventually undertook his Masters in Audiology at Manchester University in 1992. He was subsequently employed as a Clinical Scientist in South Manchester before moving to Preston in 1997. He is currently service lead for the Audiology Service at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

To support the post pandemic elective recovery of his local ENT service, he took a lead in streamlining of care to provide discrete GP to audiologist direct referral pathways for hearing, tinnitus, and balance patients. Having had a significant impact on ENT waiting times, these pathways currently form the bedrock of his services with patients typically only waiting two to Three weeks from referral to be seen on clinic. Experience of these shorter pathways has highlighted that early quality intervention often has a very positive impact on final outcomes and with that individuals demand on services. With this knowledge he is now leading on a project to develop a system wide approach to Audiology services in Lancashire and South Cumbria. To begin with this will include a Patient Engagement Portal (PEP) which will initially enable patients to book, change and keep track of their appointments. However, to dovetail with this, he is also planning the iterative development of web-based resources for tinnitus and balance patients which will be deployed to patients at the point of referral into Audiology. It is hoped that providing this intervention in the first few days of presentation will have a positive impact on the duration and severity of these complaints for many patients. This it is hoped in turn will reduce demands for lengthy rehabilitation in turn freeing up limited staff time to provide quality face-to-face diagnostic and rehabilitative appointments to augment with these continually developing resources.

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