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Bharan Khumar

Dr Bharan Khumar

Clinical Director, SHAPE Primary Care Network, Bharani Group Practices & Frimley Health & Care ICS

Dr. Bharan Kumar is a highly experienced GP and primary care leader based in his hometown of Slough. As Clinical Lead for Bharani Group Practices and Clinical Director for SHAPE Primary Care Network, Dr. Bharan collaborates with healthcare professionals to provide high-quality primary care services. With a genuine passion for improving health outcomes and transforming primary care, Dr. Bharan is committed to ensuring excellent care and support for patients. Beyond primary care, his expertise in working with nursing homes and assisted living facilities provides valuable insights into improving healthcare for his practice population. Dr. Bharan has also served as a Non-Executive Director for the former Heathrow Engagement Board, playing a key role in engaging with the community to improve healthcare access and services. As a forward-thinking GP, he not only focuses on providing exceptional care in the present, but has a clear vision for the future of primary care at a local & national level.

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