Aseem Mishra

Dr Aseem Mishra

CVD Prevention Lead, Clinical Lead Stockport BPM@Home, ACF GPST3, Greater Manchester Cardiac Strategic Network and Integrated Stroke Delivery Network, University of Manchester, Bowland Medical Practice

Aseem is in his third year of the National Institute for Health and Care Research Academic Clinical Fellowship Programme in Primary Care and has led the Stockport BPM@Home NHSE Trailblazer. Initially propelled by curiosity, Aseem has always been fascinated with technology and how we develop and use it to help us with the problems we face each day. His time as a doctor has made him passionate about holistic person centred care, the values of the NHS and the overall well-being of people. A natural systems thinker and serious about QI, Aseem is a strong proponent of whole-system working to facilitate and implement positive real-world change, aiming to improve the system for all.