Amy Pollard

Dr Amy Pollard

Research Associate, Centre for Mental Health

Amy is the Founder and Director of Mental Health Collective. She has been leading innovative work in the not-for-profit sector for over twenty years.

Trained as a social anthropologist, Amy holds a first-class BA Hons, MPhil and PhD from the University of Cambridge.

She began her career in international development where she co-founded a global NGO campaign which secured a £1.4 million investment and achieved a major policy win at the United Nations. She then worked as Deputy Director of a democracy charity where she designed a tech solution for democratising science and technology decisions that was adopted by the UK government. Moving into the mental health sector as a policy analyst, Amy led the topic group on treating service users with dignity and respect for the Independent Mental Health Act review, commissioned by the Prime Minister. She is Writer in Residence and Research Associate at Centre for Mental Health, and in 2022 she was appointed as Writer to the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission.

Amy’s work is underscored by bold imagination and principled pragmatism – combining creativity and empiricism to drive meaningful change. She was listed in Kindness and Leadership 50 Leading Lights UK 2020.