Working effectively with provider collaboratives

15 Jun 2022
PUU5 - 11C
Collaboration & partnerships

How can Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) work most effectively with all the different types of provider collaboratives in their locality?

From mental health provider collaboratives to community collaboratives – what does the future hold for working in systems?

When it comes to working effectively with provider collaboratives, what does good look like?

During this session we will explore answers to these key questions, and more.

Vimbai Egaru, Deputy Director- ICS Development - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Jenni Douglas-Todd, Chair - Dorset ICS
Louise Robson, Former Chief Executive Lead for Provider Collaboration - North of England - Louise Robson Consulting
Lucy Cole, Director - West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts
Paul Calaminus, Chief Executive - East London NHS Foundation Trust