What does a good 'health action plan' look like for people with a learning disability?

16 Jun 2022
Mental health learning theatre
Mental health

In 2001, the government white paper, Valuing People, developed a target that people with a learning disability should have a health action plan.

A health action plan is a guide to a person’s health which should be co-produced between the person with a learning disability, family/carer and primary care professionals following an annual health check. The health action plan should support people with a learning disability to receive the services they want to stay healthy and well.

In this session we will hear from Charlotte, a young lady with a learning disability and her experience around co-producing her health action plan and what she believes makes a good plan. We will also hear from Steve, Charlotte’s dad, Laura, the practice nurse at Charlotte’s surgery, and Josh, the GP who co-produced Charlotte’s plan with her. This will provide a holistic view from all those involved, in what makes a good health action plan.

Dr Steven Laitner, GP and Primary Care Clinical Advisor on Learning Disability - NHS England and NHS Improvment
Krystal Hemingway, Health Improvement Programme Lead Primary Care - NHSE/I