Driving sustained change by addressing systemic challenges with real-world data

16 Jun 2022
Innovation zone
Innovation (AHSN)

By linking real-world data and evidence back to systemic challenges and patients’ lived experience, we’re driving real-world change. This session introduces two approaches, in AHSNs, to using real-world data and shares details of how they are using the evidence to improve health outcomes for the North London population.

The first is North West London’s ‘Living Laboratory’ approach, which marries up insights, local demand from NHS partners with external research, industry and academic partners, to solve clinical and operational problems. The approach, which has delivered case finding to inform local COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, real-world evaluations of new treatments and interventions with current health improvement projects in T2D, heart failure and CKD, as well as the direct recruitment of patients to research opportunities.

The second is the role of UCLPartners’ Learning Health Systems in building real-world evidence, with examples from evaluations undertaken in ACCT and NCL Elective recovery, as well as some of UCLPartners’ innovation evaluations.

Emma Mordaunt - UCLPartners, part of the AHSN Network
Logan Ryan - Imperial College Health Partners, part of the AHSN Network
Sara Sekelj - UCLPartners, part of the AHSN Network
Sophie Young - Imperial College Health Partners, part of the AHSN Network
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