Using healthcare technology to deliver the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme to reach and support those with the greatest risk factors

16 Jun 2022
Transforming long-term care learning theatre
Transforming long-term care

COVID-19 was a critical catalyst for innovation and adopting effective new technologies to address the health care needs of the population. The DWMP actively supports people with a long term condition to improve their health and lose weight as part of their treatment. Healthcare technology was instrumental in its fast-paced roll out. There’s learning to be shared around actively supporting people with long term conditions to improve their health and lose weight as part of their treatment, using tech.

Session will include:
• How digitising the offer made it more accessible to the target population. This is a real opportunity focus on population level digital health care and the transformative effects upon patient care.
• Presenting the digital mastery for service provision and enabling the patient to digitally access the programme. This different and engaging angle is focal to the future digital aims of the NHS, something we’re leading on.
• Exploring the methods employed to manage long term health conditions, improve care, access and quality; highlighting the programme’s success in relation to volume and the potential to positively impact on health inequalities.

Katharine Taylor - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Matthew Fagg - NHS England and NHS Improvement