Unwarranted variation: inequalities in cancer outcomes

16 Jun 2022
PUU4 - 11B
Supporter session , Health inequalities

The Inequalities in Cancer Outcomes panel will be chaired by David Long (MSD UK Executive Director for Oncology) and will feature four speakers with deep expertise on issues of health inequalities in cancer: Jo Mackintosh (Delivery Manager at the Northern Cancer Alliance), Jo Trask (Health Inequalities and Patient Involvement Lead at the Cheshire & Merseyside Cancer Alliance), Julie Harrington (CEO of Guts UK), and Steven McIntosh (Executive Director of Advocacy & Communications at Macmillan Cancer Support).

The discussion will focus on the extent of inequalities in cancer outcomes across England as well as their contributing and magnifying factors. This understanding is critical given the impending implementation of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) which are mandated to tackle health inequalities. The aim of the panel is to contribute to the success of ICSs in this regard by raising awareness of the status, causes and potential solutions to inequalities in cancer outcomes and discussing how Cancer Alliances and charitable organizations can best support these efforts.

This specific session and its agenda has been organised by MSD as part of its overall sponsorship of the NHS ConfedExpo.

David Long, Executive Director for Oncology - MSD UK
Jo Mackintosh, Delivery Manager - Northern Cancer Alliance
Jo Trask, Health Inequalities and Patient Involvement Lead - Cheshire & Merseyside Cancer Alliance
Julie Harrington, CEO - Guts UK
Steven McIntosh, Executive Director of Advocacy & Communications - Macmillan Cancer Support