The power of provider collaboration: working across boundaries to improve patient pathways and outcomes

16 Jun 2022
Recovery and system transformation zone
Recovery & system transformation

Strong collaboration between providers will form the bedrock of statutory integrated care systems. At this session, delegates will get a fresh perspective on how provider collaboratives are breaking down barriers and working across organisations to improve patient pathways and outcomes.

This session will explore how primary care, commissioners and the voluntary sector are targeting areas with the highest health inequalities, offering thousands of appointments to those with complex needs and trauma. This has doubled mental health access for black, Asian and minority ethnic communities and provided clinical and social support that wraps around the individual.

This session is part of the Recovery and Transformation Zone, which is supported by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK.

James Sutherland, Head of Commissioning Mental Health (Sheffield CCG ) & National Implementation Advisor - Community Mental Health (NHS England) - Sheffield CCG & NHS England
Mike Hunter, Executive Medical Director - Sheffield Health and Social Care Foundation Trust