The impact of the pandemic on children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing

15 Jun 2022
Recovery and system transformation zone
Mental health , Recovery & system transformation

What the backlog of care means for children and young people’s mental health and recovery

The pandemic has negatively affected many children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing, impacting on their education, isolating them from their peers and affecting their access to health and care services. Prior to the pandemic, many children and young people were already engaged with mental health services. Two years on, the impact of the pandemic on those services and on children and young people cannot be underestimated.

This session will explore the challenges children and young people face in accessing mental health services and the impact that is having on them. It will discuss the transformation needed to manage the demand for services, examples of good practice in involving young people, and what the backlog of care for children and young people means for them in the future.

This session is part of the Recovery and Transformation Zone, which is supported by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK.

Jan Hutchinson, Director of Programme and Performance - Centre for Mental Health
Marsha McAdam, Expert by Experience - Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust