The head must represent the heart: modelling inclusive leadership

15 Jun 2022
PUU4 - 11B

Survey findings from the Health and Care LGBTQ+ Leaders Network showed that staff across the NHS agree leadership is not reflective of the workforce they lead. For current leaders to foster a sense of belonging across the full breadth of staff they are responsible for, an inclusive style of leadership is needed.

Organisations can behave in ways that do not have a good impact on people. Inequality and discrimination in society is imprinted by an organisation without realisation or recognition. Inclusive leadership requires an ability to change the way things are done to enable different perspectives to be heard.

This pop-up university session will focus on what inclusive leadership should look like, and why it should be the gold standard of leadership styles.

All three chairs of the NHS Confederation’s leaders networks will convene to share their perspectives on defining and modelling inclusive leadership. They will look at how all protected characteristics are encompassed in this leadership style, and how it champions co-production with service users.

Layla McCay, Director of Policy - NHS Confederation
Alfredo Thompson, Director for People and Culture - Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust
Ifti Majid, Chief Executive - Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Samantha Allen, Chief Executive - North East & North Cumbria Integrated Care Board (NHS)