The business case to champion diversity and inclusion in healthcare innovation

15 Jun 2022
Innovation zone
Innovation (AHSN)

If healthcare innovation isn’t derived by diverse innovators, the impact for diverse communities will also be limited. Learn from The AHSN Network’s progress, approach, and learnings to shape your diversity and inclusion mission and activities.

This session is part of the Innovation Zone and is brought to you by The AHSN Network. The AHSN Network is a key partner in the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) at NHS England.

Richard Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer - Yorkshire & Humber AHSN
Lesley Soden, Programme Director - Innovation - Health Innovation Network
Malone Mukwende, Founder - Black and Brown Skin
Suzie Ali-Hassan, Director of Enterprise, UCLPartners & Deputy Director, National NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) - UCLPartners
AHSN Network