Sustainability in health and care: how innovation can help the NHS to meet its net-zero targets

15 Jun 2022
Innovation zone
Innovation (AHSN)

Innovation is critical in enabling us all to do things differently and help tackle the climate crisis. Find out how The AHSN Networks are working with integrated care systems to build a greener NHS.

This session is part of the Innovation Zone and is brought to you by The AHSN Network. The AHSN Network is a key partner in the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) at NHS England.

Amelia James, Environmental Sustainability Lead - Kent Surrey Sussex and Oxford Academic Health Science Network
Frank Swinton, Climate Change Lead - West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership
Kathy Scott, Director of Operations and Deputy CEO - Yorkshire & Humber AHSN
William Udall, Anaesthetic Registrar - Northern School of Anaesthetic and Intensive Care Medicine
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