Embracing Innovation from the UK and Overseas: Creating the Conditions for Successful Partnership Working

15 Jun 2022
International zone

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a need to think differently about how care is delivered and structured across the NHS. Innovation and digital technology were embraced at an astonishing pace to ensure patients continued to receive the high quality care they required, and health services could operate as effectively as possible: remote GP appointments increased from 15% of all appointments to 90%+ in 4 months alone.

Ensuring this appetite to embrace innovation remains will be key to both tackling the challenges currently facing the system, as well as ensuring continued evolution to meet the health challenges of the years ahead. The UK has a wealth of companies who have developed innovative solutions to drive efficiencies and improve health outcomes, many of which have been embraced prior to and throughout the pandemic. However, it’s important to also recognise the wealth of companies based overseas which similarly have the potential to drive improvements and efficiencies across the NHS, whilst also often bringing a wealth of valuable alternative perspectives or examples of best practice.

This talk will focus upon the work of the AHSNs to support innovators from overseas to successfully adopt and spread their innovations across the NHS and build their evidence base to demonstrate impact. It aims to both inspire trusts and other healthcare providers to embrace innovation originating from the UK and overseas, whilst also ensuring they create the right conditions to successfully work in partnership with overseas innovators to adapt products and services to meet their needs and successfully demonstrate impact on the system and patients.

This session is part of the International feature zone, which is supported by Healthcare UK.

Sean Clarkson, Head of Strategic Operations - Yorkshire and Humber AHSN
Steve Tope, Business Development & Partnership Director, UK - TytoCare