Specialist alcohol care teams: how supporting inpatients experiencing harm from alcohol can reduce long-term conditions

15 Jun 2022
Transforming long-term care learning theatre
Transforming long-term care

Alcohol is a grade 1 carcinogen and a leading risk factor in the development of long term conditions such as hypertension, atrial fibrillation, CVD and stroke. As part of the LTP, the NHS has committed to establish Alcohol Care Teams (ACTs) in those hospitals with the greatest need, based on deprivation and alcohol-related mortality. These specialist teams support patients (and their families) who are experiencing harm as a result of alcohol use disorders. These ACTs will be in 25% of the worst affected parts of the country potentially preventing 50,000 hospital admissions each year from 2023/24.
Using the exemplar ACT based out of Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust as a case study the session will be:
• clinically lead by the Lead Nurse for national implementation
• a masterclass on ACTs, showcasing the work being done by successful ACTs, how they got the service up and running, sharing learning and successes etc.
• showcased against a context of alcohol use-disorders as a long term condition and adopting a chronic disease management approach which encourages sustained support over a lifetime and takes a holistic view of recovery.

Arlene Copeland - Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust