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Secondary prevention in practice: approaches to tackling respiratory and cardiovascular disease with primary care

15 Jun 2023
Central 7
Operational delivery

There is a strong rationale for integrated care systems and their primary care partners to prioritise prevention. Over the last century, we have seen significant improvements in healthy life expectancy driven partly by improvements in secondary prevention. However, since 2010 these improvements have stalled, particularly among more deprived communities, which further exacerbates health inequalities.

This session will build on work already underway to embed the most impactful interventions for preventing and managing major conditions. Delegates will hear from teams using local population health data to design and deliver high-impact preventative services for respiratory and cardiovascular disease. It will provide an opportunity to share learning and explore broader adoption and innovation opportunities.

Dr Dan Bunstone, Medical Advisor - ETC Health @BT Group and Warrington Innovation Network (PCN)
Alex Barnett, Associate Director of Analytics - Frimley Health and Care ICB
Dr Bharan Khumar, Clinical Director - SHAPE Primary Care Network, Bharani Group Practices & Frimley Health & Care ICS
Jess Lucas, LTC Programme Manager - NHS Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland
Dr Matt Kearney, Executive Clinical Director Cardiovascular Health - UCLPartners
Dr Rowan Sil, Chief Clinical Information Officer - Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland ICB