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Scaling innovation: solutions to barriers that work for both the system and industry

14 Jun 2023
Improving health outcomes theatre
Improving health outcomes

In this session we will discuss the barriers facing scaling innovation from a system and industry perspective, and hear examples of things systems can do to overcome these barriers. System and industry stakeholders will don their different hats to identify small practical changes organisations can make that can make a big difference to the ease of scaling innovations.

As an audience, you will come away with ideas for changes you can make to support scaling innovations within your organisation.

This session is part of the Improving Health Outcomes Theatre, which is supported by IQVIA.

Sarah Ferry, Senior Policy Advisor - Innovation - NHS Confederation
Arjun Sikand, Director of Innovation - Surrey Heartlands ICS
Luella Trickett, Director, Value & Access - Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI)