Responding to the increase in demand for children and young people's mental health support: UK wide perspective

15 Jun 2022
PUU6 - 13
Collaboration & partnerships , Mental health

The number of children and young people needing mental health support has increased significantly across the UK over the past year and services are struggling to meet the increase in demand and acuity. We have seen a rise in very ill children and young people needing access to in-patient beds, especially for complex eating disorders. These pressures are being felt right across the system and not just in mental health services.

This phenomenon is being seen UK-wide. The challenge going forward is not only how to to cope with this increase in demand, but also to provide effective early intervention and preventative approaches to improve mental health in this age group and reduce the number needing specialist services.

This session will hear from speakers from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, who will outline what the concerns are for each nation, and to share good practice.

Phil Moore, Chair - Mental Heath and Learning Disabilities/Autism System Group
Ananta Dave, Chief Medical Officer designate - Black Country Integrated Care System
Billy Watson, Chief Executive - SAMH
Ciara McKillop, Assistant Director, Childrens Services - Northern Health and Social Care Trust, NI
Shane Mills, Director of Quality & Mental Health/Learning Disabilities - NHS Wales National Collaborative Commissioning Unit