Recovery of the workforce

15 Jun 2022
Sustainable healthcare zone
Sustainable Healthcare

In response to the pandemic, Health Education England delivered over 40,000 students and trainees for the front line and wider volunteering, effectively managed the re-deployment of doctors in training to COVID-19 teams while ensuring education and training continued.

Our local and national workforce modelling, linked to our education and training data, allowed us to provide real-time insight into our learners’ expertise and skills to align these with NHS needs in the pandemic response. This met our mission to support the NHS, look after learners, and protect the future workforce supply, and this continues as we start to recover as a system.

This session will focus on how we help ensure service needs are met while supporting students, doctors and all other healthcare professionals to recover and get their education and training back on track, while taking the opportunity for learning, change and reform.

Delegates will hear how a greater focus on health inequalities, generalism and multi-disciplinary working will drive the future of education and training; how we are working with partners including new ICSs to plan on a place, pathway and profession basis; and how education and education reform will improve the retention of those working in healthcare and make the medical education system more flexible and responsive.

This session is part of the Sustainable Healthcare Zone, which is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.

Mike Robinson, Surgeon Ltd Cdr - Imperial Healthcare Trust and Institute of Naval Medicine
Sara Munro, Chief Executive Officer - Leeds and York Partnership NHS FT
Sheona MacLeod, Deputy Medical Director, Education Reform - Health Education England