Principles for the successful adoption and spread of innovations in health

15 Jun 2022
Innovation zone
Innovation (AHSN)

One of the greatest challenges facing the NHS is improving the quality and consistency of healthcare by spreading best practice in both service delivery, and the uptake of innovative technologies and medicines.

NHS England and NHS Improvement’s Innovation Research and Life Sciences Group, in partnership with the AHSN Network, plays a crucial role in delivering the spread and adoption of proven innovation. During this session, we will reflect on the conclusions and recommendations published in The Review of Spread and Adoption Approaches across the AHSN Network, highlighting some of the key principles that lead to the successful spread and adoption of innovation, as well as the lessons that have been learned from our work across several national programmes.

The session will be delivered by a team involved at both policy and programme delivery level, offering a range of insights into spread and adoption work that has been undertaken, some of the next steps that we will be taking to share our knowledge and how we will continue to ensure the spread and adoption of innovation remains a key objective for the health and care system.

The AHSN Network is a key partner in the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) at NHS England.

This session is part of the Innovation Zone.

Christina Farrow, Deputy Director for Innovation - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Jon Siddall, Chief Executive Officer - South West AHSN
Laura Semple, Director for National Programmes - AHSN Network
Stuart Monk, National Programme Director - Rapid Uptake Products and MedTech Funding Mandate - AHSN Network
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