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Primary care provider collaboratives: a force for good?

14 Jun 2023
Primary care & mental health theatre
Primary care

Work is happening across the country to build primary care provider collaboratives. But with no national guidance on what they are and their function, is there a risk that we will miss an opportunity?

This session will look at how we can exploit their full potential and hear from some of those who have been running collaboratives, what they have achieved and what is possible if the conditions are right.

This session is part of the 'Primary care theatre', which is supported by Redmoor Health

Dr Andy Brooks, GP - Park Road Group Practice
Dr Duncan Gooch, PCN Clinical Director - Derbyshire GPPB and Erewash Health Partnership
Ian Potter, Programme Director - Derbyshire GPPB
Dr Nicola Turner, Clinical Director - Chalfonts PCN
Rakesh Marwaha, Managing Partner & CEO - Erewash PCN & Erewash Health Partnership