Out of the DARK and into the LIGHT – six CEOs' lived experience of improving challenged organisations

15 Jun 2022
NHS England stand mini theatre

Over the last several years, NHS senior managers have gained increased expertise in leading trusts out of problems with the quality of their services. There is now sufficient expertise to capture some of that operational leadership experience and share insights into how it was achieved. This account aims to begin the process.

It has been created by capturing the experience of 6 CEOs who are currently involved in leading the improvement of NHS trusts which have been severely challenged. Each CEO was asked to share what they were seeking to achieve and how they progressed during this process.

Many had years of leadership experience but felt this was the hardest task they had ever taken on. Most CEOs also commented that they felt alone in their task.

We need to change that experience and start by understanding how their lived experience gives insights into what we need to do differently.

Paul Corrigan, Former Non-Exec, CQC - Chair, Care City
Kathryn Perera, Director, Horizons Team - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Sue Holden, Former National Director Intensive Support - Advancing Quality Alliance
Tom Underwood, Project Manager, Horizons Team - NHS England and NHS Improvement