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Lessons for policy and practice from international systems

15 Jun 2023
International zone

The Nuffield Trust is an independent think tank which often draws on experience from international systems to inform its policy research and analysis. With the health and care workforce facing numerous acute challenges in England, this session will present findings from our recent research into other countries' workforces and identify learning for policymakers and practitioners in England.
We will explore:

  • International approaches to 'professionalise' care workers and what is known about the effectiveness of policy initiatives to bolster pay, progression, registration and regulation, training and terms and conditions, including in New Zealand, Germany and Norway
  • International approaches and models for the regulation of advanced practice in nursing and midwifery, including a review of 11 countries such as the USA and the Netherlands
  • Broader learning from across our portfolio of international research, including the benefits and challenges of comparative research

This session is part of the International Zone, which is supported by Healthcare UK.

Billy Palmer, Senior Fellow - Nuffield Trust
Nina Hemmings, Researcher - Nuffield Trust