Novartis Biome UK: harnessing the latest in technology for the healthcare solutions of tomorrow

15 Jun 2022
Recovery and system transformation zone
Supporter session , Recovery & system transformation

The Novartis Biome is a catalyst for impactful digital collaborations; partnering with the best in the tech eco-system to solve complex healthcare system challenges. This session demonstrates how the Biome UK is helping to drive NHS transformation and recovery through care closer to home.

This session is supported by Novartis.

Part of the 'Recovery and transformation' zone, which is supported by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK.

Mala Mawkin, Chief of Staff - Leva Clinic
Catriona Walsh, Regional Partnership Business Unit Head - Novartis
Chris Kennelly, Founder & Director - Cievert / Evergreen Life
Patient Panelist Service User
Raj Mukherjee, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon - St James' University Hospital