NICE evidence standards framework for digital and AI technologies in healthcare

16 Jun 2022
Breakfast session - 11C
Quality & clinical improvement

Driving innovation into the hands of health and care professionals to enable best practice is a priority for NICE. Join us to hear how NICE has been working to update its evidence standards framework for digital and data driven technologies, including those that incorporate adaptive AI algorithms.

The framework has been designed to inform NHS decision makers on the level of evidence they should be looking for when making purchasing and deployment decisions for digital health technologies, and to inform developers and innovators of the level of evidence they should be building into the design and development of their technologies. This is a show and tell session from the NICE team who helped to build the framework with an opportunity to questions and learn more, including how the framework can be practically applied.

This session is supported by NICE.

Bernice Dillon, HTA adviser - NICE
Fatema Jessa, Pharmacy fellow - Medicines and prescribing - NICE
Mark Salmon, Programme Director Information Resources - NICE
Verena Wolfram, Technical advisor - NICE