Managing your ‘bank balance’ to tackle the backlog

15 Jun 2022
The Forum
Supporter session , People

The session will take the format of a panel discussion, hosted by NHS Professionals.

The overall state of the recruitment industry is having seismic effects throughout the NHS – often in unexpected places. Using proprietary data and insight, the session will paint the picture of what’s really going on before an expert panel explores the challenges, barriers and opportunities that exist to effectively deploying flexible workers to tackle the backlog.

Themes of partnership and collaboration will underline the session; the panel will consider looking inwards to Trust staff banks, across into NHS affiliated bodies (such as NHS Professionals) and outwards into the ecosystem of external agencies to provide new perspectives on effective use of flexible workers within the overall staffing mix. Consideration will be given to the balance of focus on reducing agency spend with the reality of meeting patient care needs.

Finally, the session will also reflect on the lived experiences of NHS staff, particularly in the past two years, and the opportunities presented by flexible working to improve health and wellbeing in the workforce.

This session is supported by NHS Professionals.

Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive - NHS Employers
Helen Ives, Executive Director of Workforce - Hampshire, Southampton & Isle of Wight ICS
Neil Carberry, Chief Executive - The Recruitment & Employment Confederation
Nicola McQueen, Chief Executive Officer - NHS Professionals
NHS Professionals