Levelling up health?

16 Jun 2022
PUU2 - 4B
Health inequalities

Levelling Up is the government's primary policy priority. The white paper, published in February 2022, set out a cross-government approach to rebalancing the UK economy, addressing the significant regional inequalities that hold back people, places and prosperity. Hugely ambitious, the white paper covers a series of missions that include narrowing the gap on healthy life expectancy; raising living standards; pushing R&D funding away from the south east; increasing skills training; improving wellbeing; and empowering local leadership through a formal devolution framework and new funding.

What does this all mean for a health and care sector beginning to understand the intrinsic links between health, education and skills and the wider economy? How can a concerted focus on addressing health inequalities form part of a wider approach to rebalancing our economy? What should our role be?

This session will run through the key aspects of the Levelling Up white paper and support ICSs and NHS leaders to understand the links with local strategies, including where to focus, who to talk to and how to maximise local impact.

Michael Wood, Head of Health Economic Partnerships - NHS Confederation
Alice Wiseman, Director of Public Health - Gateshead Council
Richard Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer - Yorkshire & Humber AHSN
Warren Heppolette, Executive Lead, Strategy - Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership