It takes all of us to care for each of us

15 Jun 2022
The Forum

The session will discuss how achieving and sustaining board diversity translates to better patient care. Speakers and panellists will:

  • acknowledge successes and some challenges still to overcome in achieving a truly diverse leadership

  • discuss and demonstrate how diversity of leaders means better decision-making and governance, which leads to improved patient care

  • consider how supporting diverse leaders in senior positions, ensuring inclusion from the top and down throughout the organisation, contributes to sustained change and the ultimate achievement of equity.

Joan Saddler, Co-Chair - Equality and Diversity Council
Ifti Majid, Chief Executive - Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Jacqueline Davies, Director of Leadership & Lifelong Learning (MD NHS Leadership Academy) - NHS England & Improvement
Jenni Douglas-Todd, Chair - Dorset ICS
Nikki Kanani MBE, Medical Director for Primary Care - NHS England and NHS Improvement