International engagement: a virtual approach

16 Jun 2022
International zone

International engagement between countries, health systems, and hospitals offers many potential benefits around sharing best practice and innovative solutions. Expensive and burdensome travel has often precluded organisations or individuals engaging in these activities, but this no longer need be the case. While there were already examples of organisations engaging with one another internationally through the use of virtual tools and techniques, the pandemic has driven many more organisations to successfully adopted this model.

This opens the door to many new possibilities for engaging with overseas health systems and makes international engagement more accessible for patient-facing staff within the NHS. Conversely, this way of working also comes with its own fair share of challenges.

Join THET and Yorkshire and Humber AHSN to hear how they have made virtual engagement a new part of their international volunteering and innovation programmes, what they have learned along the way, and how they see this developing into the future.

This session is part of the International feature zone, which is supported by Healthcare UK.

Kit Chalmers, Head of Policy and Learning - THET
Sean Clarkson, Head of Strategic Operations - Yorkshire and Humber AHSN