Improving earlier diagnosis of lung cancer

15 Jun 2022
NHS England stand mini theatre

The Targeted Lung Health Check Programme has been developed to find and diagnose cancers at an earlier stage, focusing on the most at risk population and taking the checks to them in mobile units. To date the project has seen more than three quarters of cancers caught at either stage one or two, compared to less than a third without the intervention, giving patients a much better chance of beating the illness. Hear from Dr Chris Warburton (Medical Director CMCA and Clinical Director for C&M TLHC programme), Darren McGuinness (TLHC Programme Manager) and Michelle Woods (TLHC Operational Lead Nurse) about how the Targeted Lung Health Check Programme is improving earlier diagnosis of lung cancer.

Darren McGuinness, TLHC Programme Manager - LHCH
Michelle Woods, Targeted Lung Health Checks Operational Lead Nurse - Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital
Tim Windle, Programme Manager - NHS England & Improvement