How cultural literacy can reduce winter pressures

16 Jun 2022
Breakfast session - 11A
Health inequalities

We will present the approach and impact from Barnardo’s RSV campaign, which ran October 2021-March 2022. The campaign was developed in collaboration with the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health, and grassroots organisations in order to co-design content with our target communities. The team developed a set of culturally-relevant resources for black, Asian and minoritised communities to support managing young children with respiratory infections at home, and understanding how and when to appropriately navigate the health service.

These included:

  • the ‘Boloh’ helpline, webchat and website: https://helpline.barnardos.org.uk/
  • awareness sessions, hosted by local community organisations
  • advice videos and animations
  • translated guidelines and further content, distributed via NHS networks
  • marketing campaigns to community newspapers, radio stations and podcasts
  • social media campaign
  • webinars (audiences: NHS Communicators, Health Visitors, grassroots organisations, Barnardo’s children’s services staff)
  • marketing materials distributed via Barnardo’s retail outlets and within NHS A&E departments.

In this session we will share our culturally literate campaign approach, the resources produced and resulting impacts on the NHS and a short Q&A to follow. We will then break out into smaller groups to discuss wider application of this approach within the NHS to reduce systems pressures and improve health outcomes for culturally diverse communities.

This session is supported by Barnardo's.

Rukshana Kapasi, Director of Health - Barnardo's
Abi Knight, Strategic Programme Lead – Integrated Child & Family Health - Barnardo's
Mo Akindolie, Consultant in Ambulatory Services - King's College Hospital
Prasad Nagakumar, Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine - Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust