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14 Jun 2023
Exchange 11

Pluto Play Productions
proudly presents:


Little things make a big difference
It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it
The power of a smile and building empathy quickly

A play inspired by the life, work and heart-breaking personal experience of the late Dr Kate Granger and her husband Chris Pointon. It explores the dynamic realities of human interaction in health care with the insistence that individuals who provide such care should always introduce themselves to their patients by saying “hello, my name is…”

Written by Brian Daniels, the play looks at the life of Kate and Chris in their joint initiative as they used humour and pathos to make a compelling case for a simple but transformative approach that launched an internationally recognised campaign.

What people have said:

“A very moving and inspiring play”

“What an unbelievably inspirational couple whose love for each other shines through”

“Brilliant! A really simple message that makes you stop and think about something you do every day”

Pluto Play Productions was established in 1997 and since 2011, has produced over 25 plays on contemporary and sometimes complex issues within health and social care. The plays are widely performed throughout the NHS and internationally.

It is possible to host a performance of a play and to commission the writing of a new one on a specific issue. For more information and to discuss possibilities, contact Brian Daniels:

*More information about Brian Daniels, the production company and descriptions of current plays can be found at:*