Health system recovery from COVID-19: International lessons for the NHS

16 Jun 2022
International zone

The challenges confronting the NHS in recovering from the pandemic are huge, with elective services that were scaled down during the worst of the crisis now with waiting lists of over 6 million patients. Yet worldwide, the pandemic has left even the most well-equipped health systems vulnerable.

In this session, we will present key findings from our recent Nuffield Trust report that looked across 16 EU and OECD countries to understand how other health systems are dealing with elective care backlogs from the pandemic while working to enhance future resilience, and what practical learning there might be for the NHS.

The lead authors of the report will present key themes with the greatest relevance for the NHS, including:

  1. Staffing pressures and how health systems are tackling workforce shortages, improving retention, and coping with burnout in the aftermath of the pandemic
  2. Whole system recovery and how other countries are prioritising and considering out-of-hospital capacity as part of recovery strategies
  3. Capacity and productivity and where are other countries investing to boost capacity and enhance resilience, and how is service delivery evolving to help clear backlogs

This session is part of the International feature zone, which is supported by Healthcare UK.

Laura Schlepper, Researcher - Nuffield Trust
Sarah Reed, Senior Fellow - Nuffield Trust