Genomics: cutting-edge science transforming healthcare and supporting NHS recovery

16 Jun 2022
Theatre 1 - 1B
Driving recovery

The NHS is world-leading in its use of cutting-edge genomic technologies. It is the first national healthcare system to offer whole genome sequencing as part of routine care for patients with a rare genetic disorder or certain cancers, enabling more comprehensive and precise diagnosis, access to more personalised treatments and the potential for a reduction in clinical interventions.

Helping to support earlier diagnosis for both cancer and rare disease, genomics will play an important role in supporting the recovery of NHS services amid the COVID-19 pandemic by reducing waiting times and the backlog in the number of patients waiting for a diagnosis.

As a service designed with patients as its core, the NHS Genomic Medicine Service (NHS GMS) continues to deliver for patients and their families, carrying out up to 600,000 genomic tests in England every year for both rare and inherited diseases and cancer, and covering the full repertoire of testing technologies offered through its national network of NHS Genomic Laboratory Hubs.

Over the last two years, genomics has played a crucial role in supporting the national response to COVID-19 and its profile has risen significantly in the public domain, meaning more patients are becoming aware of its potential to improve healthcare.

This session will feature a panel of experts in a stimulating discussion, exploring how the implementation of genomics is transforming patient care and supporting NHS recovery, lessons learned throughout the pandemic and what the NHS is doing to ensure it continues to operate at the limits of science.

Timothy Ferris, National Director of Transformation - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Emma Baple, Medical Director South West Genomic Laboratory Hub - Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Kevin Capel, Founder & Trustee - Christopher's Smile
Peter Johnson CBE, National Clinical Director for Cancer - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Sandi Deans, Consultant Clinical Scientist - NHS England and NHS Improvement