Embedding research within the NHS and integrated care systems

15 Jun 2022
PUU4 - 11B
Collaboration & partnerships

The NHS was established to treat industrial injuries and communicable diseases because people who developed diabetes, cardiac or vascular diseases did not survive. There were no treatments. We have come a long way because of research.

COVID-19 reconfirmed and clearly demonstrated the importance of research to the NHS and beyond.

This workshop aims to explore how we can embed research on the ground within the emerging health and research sector contexts, improving care and reducing health inequalities through greater integration of research in care.

It will cover upcoming changes to NHS R&D context and functions, including themes from national clinical research vision and implementation plans, and based around the health and care bill, and how these changes will improve the resilience of the research sector.

Alison Austin, Deputy Director of Research - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Ian Hall, Director, NIHR Nottingham BRC - University of Nottingham
Sarah Crawshaw, Head of Research Delivery - NIHR (National Institute for Health and Care Research)