Don't forget the children: the importance of integrating children’s health and social care into systems

15 Jun 2022
PUU4 - 11B
Collaboration & partnerships

With much of the focus on adult social care and the different ways children’s services are set up, it will be important to make sure all areas of children and young people’s health and care are integrated within systems as well.

This session is a panel discussion on integrating children’s health and social care services within an integrated care system and practical ways to ensure this area gets the attention it deserves.

Naomi Eisenstadt CB, Chair Designate - Northamptonshire Integrated Care Board
Elliot Howard-Jones, Chief Executive - Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust
Michael Mckean, Consultant In Respiratory Paediatrics, RCPCH Vice-President for Policy - RCPCH
Mike Holmes, GP Partner Haxby Group and Chair, Nimbus Care - Nimbuscare
Rukshana Kapasi, Director of Health - Barnardo's