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Do secure data environments offer the biggest potential to save lives?

15 Jun 2023
Sustainable healthcare theatre
Supporter session , Sustainable healthcare

The NHS has ambitious targets to harness data to drive system transformation and create a more sustainable health service, with the ultimate ambition to improve outcomes for patients. But we know that the use of data and digital transformation is a minefield of possibilities and challenges. It is vital that we hear about best practice that can be shared across national and local systems to accelerate transformation.

This session aims to share the potential of public-private partnership and data insights to deliver the NHS's ambitions to drive system change to transform lives for generations.

Healthcare leaders will discuss how using data wisely will support the long-term sustainability of the NHS for the benefit of all patients.

NP-GB-103642 May 2023

This session has been developed in partnership with NHS Confederation and funded by Boehringer Ingelheim.

This session is part of the Sustainable Healthcare Theatre, which is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.

Bill Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer - Wessex Academic Health Science Network
Bradley Quinn, Associate Director of Insight - Health Innovation Manchester
Dr Claire Bloomfield, Deputy Director, Data for Research and Development (R&D) , Centre for Improving Data Collaboration, NHS Transformation Directorate - NHS England
Dr Naj Rotheram, Medical Lead for Partnerships - Boehringer Ingelheim UK & Ireland
Boehringer Ingelheim