Digital inclusion and health equity

15 Jun 2022
Theatre 4 - 3B
Health inequalities

One of the five strategic priorities set by NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) for addressing health inequalities is to mitigate against digital exclusion. This joint session on digital inclusion delivered by NHSX and NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) will include:

  • A series of deep dives as part of NHSEI's planning guidance with ICSs across the country. Best practice from these are being shared at the Health Inequalities Improvement Forum, and a comprehensive report was received at the National NHSEI Health Inequalities Improvement Board.

  • Explorations into the major programmes that have taken place across NHSEI into digital health inequalities and how the findings from these will inform future work in this space.

  • Following the publication of the Laura Wade Gery report, NHSEI's director for health inequalities will host a Digital Health Inequalities Steering Group in the New Year involving NHSX/NHS Digital and NHSEI representatives. This steering group will inform the body of work in collaboration with our partners to fulfil our priority of mitigating against digital exclusion and taking forward recommendation 2 in the Data & Digital report published in November 2021. Work from this will be shared at the session.

This will be a panel discussion including representatives from Bola Owolabi, Director of Health Inequalities at NHS England and NHS Improvement, NHSX and some case study representatives who have experience in delivering digital inclusion best practice.

Bola Akinwale, Deputy Director, Policy and Sector Insights - National Healthcare Inequalities Improvement Programme - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Emma Doyle, Head of Strategy (Digital) - NHS England