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Delivering highly accessible and usable digital patient experiences in general practice

15 Jun 2023
System collaboration zone
System collaboration

GP websites are the front door to NHS care for many patients - over 60 per cent of patients used GP surgery websites in 2022. Additionally, over 98 per cent of practices now use online consultation systems through which patients can request help from their GP practice. These digital tools are now critical enablers of providing access and general practice services, so it is more important than ever that they are well designed for both patients and practice users.

During this session we will share work that is currently underway to improve the accessibility and usability of these digital tools, ensuring that user-centred design is prioritised and helping to reduce health inequalities. We will also be launching the new GP website audit tool aimed at supporting ICBs to assess GP surgery websites and identify areas of improvement.

This session is part of the System Collaboration Zone, which is supported by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK.

Dominic Vallely, User Experience & Service Transformation, Primary Care Transformation - NHS England