Culture: a catalyst for innovation as a workforce benefit

16 Jun 2022
Innovation zone
Innovation (AHSN)

This session will explore the importance of innovation and innovation culture in addressing the workforce gap. It will provide an overview of The AHSN Network's approach to innovation as a workforce benefit and the workforce and cultural insights from its post-pandemic reset campaign. The session leads will then walk you through a change model, describe how you can use 'Design Thinking' as an approach to problem solving, and introduce you to the workforce 'Innovation Insights' tool. By investing time in understanding your culture, alongside approaches and tools such as these, your innovation is more likely to be successful and optimise the workforce by releasing time back to care.

This session is part of the Innovation Zone and is brought to you by The AHSN Network. The AHSN Network is a key partner in the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) at NHS England.

Charlotte Hall, Workforce Programme Manager - Innovation Agency
Jen Kohan, Head of Programmes - Innovation Agency
Juliette Kumar, Associate Director Culture and Workforce at the Innovation Agency - AHSN for the North West Coast
AHSN Network