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Creating a sustainable workforce using apprenticeships

14 Jun 2023
Sustainable healthcare theatre
Sustainable healthcare

In this session we will share two case studies from employers who have substantially expanded their workforce by using apprenticeships. One case study will look at how apprenticeships can provide a return on investment and drastically reduce the nurse vacancies in a trust. The second case study will focus on working at a system level covering both health and social care by using flexible apprenticeships, which are currently being trialled.

We will also hear from an apprentice who will share their lived experience of what an apprenticeship opportunity provides to an individual.

This session is part of the Sustainable Healthcare Theatre, which is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.

Hazel Smith, Director of Education Funding - NHS England
Anita Esser, Head of Education - University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Courtney Maddison, Nursing Asst - Northumbria Healthcare
Ruth Auton, Head of Education, Learning & OD - Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust