Connected healthcare: remote patient monitoring

16 Jun 2022
Theatre 3 - 3A
Supporter session , Health inequalities , Quality & clinical improvement

Improving patient outcomes outside of clinical settings ensures that the NHS fulfils its role as an innovative and patient-centered healthcare institution, while ensuring that vital clinical time and space is available for those most in need. Find out more about how Fitbit is delivering health and wellness solutions designed to increase engagement, improve health outcomes and drive positive returns for health systems.

This session is supported by Google Health.

Susan Thomas, Clinical Director - Google Health
Andrew Edmunds, Director of Innovation - Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Kapil Parakh, Medical Lead - Fitbit
Rohin Francis, Consultant Interventionist Cardiologist - Colchester Hospital & Essex Cardiothoracic Centre
Tara Donnelly, Director of Digital Care Models - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Google Health