Collaboration, to go far, go together: what could innovative partnerships mean for you, your community and your organisation?

16 Jun 2022
Breakfast session - 4A
Collaboration & partnerships

An opportunity to hear how innovative Partnerships with the Life Science sector can act as system enablers to support the recovery and improve insights, skills & capabilities, NHS efficiencies and patient outcomes. This session will highlight scalable initiatives to encourage health systems to explore novel partnerships aimed at delivering transformation and creating value through the pooling of skills & resources towards a shared system / patient improvement goal.

The panel brings together key healthcare system and industry leaders to highlight and discuss ideas to create innovative partnerships aimed at transforming healthcare delivery. Including:

  1. Delivering the Life Sciences Vision through Innovative Partnerships –
    ‘Supporting broader social and economic development at an ICS’

  2. Cardiometabolic Pathway re-design Joint Working project –
    ‘Improving patient health outcomes and optimisation of care through the development of a cardiometabolic medicines optimisation clinic and innovative pathways with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust’ (Professor Stephen Wheatcroft)

  3. Data Science Collaborative Working Project –
    ‘Utilisation of data science to identify the system impact of COVID-19 on the cardiometabolic pathway, and identifying opportunities for transformation across Greater Manchester’ (Bradley Quinn)

  4. What is a ‘Different kind of Partner’? –
    A life sciences vision to enable transformation in the NHS (Dr Douglas Clark)

This session is sponsored by and delivered in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim.

Date of prep: June 2022

Lou Patten, ICS Network Director - NHS Confederation
Bradley Quinn, Assoc Director of Insight - Health Innovation Manchester
Douglas Clark, Medical Director - Boehringer Ingelheim UKIE
Isabel Stevens, Deputy Director - Strategy, Investment & Analysis - Office for Life Sciences
Professor Stephen Wheatcroft, Professor of Cardiometabolic Medicine, University of Leeds - Consultant Cardiologist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Boehringer Ingelheim