Clinical research recovery and growth in the NHS

16 Jun 2022
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In 2021, the first UK-wide Vision for Clinical Research Delivery was published by Government, with the ambition to embed research across the UK healthcare system and provide greater opportunities for research participants by patients, public and healthcare professionals. Since there have been significant developments in the UK clinical research landscape.

Last year Government announced £5bn for health R&D over the next 3-years, rising to £2 billion per year by 2024. This will in part support implementation of the UK-wide Vision, for which a Phase 2 implementation plan is expected to be published soon.

The recent Health and Care Act 2022 also includes a strengthened mandate for clinical research and from July 2022 Integrated Care Boards will be expected to promote, facilitate and report on research activity.

Recovering the UK’s capacity to deliver clinical research is however a key factor that underpins the UK’s ability to deliver on these commitments. Via the Research Reset process, DHSC and system partners are working to restore a diverse and balanced portfolio of studies which were impacted due to the pandemic. Going forward, it is vital that research remains at the heart of our health and care service as it continues to recover.

This In Conversation Zone session aims to raise awareness of the importance of embedding research across the UK healthcare system to drive improved outcomes and highlight work underway locally, regionally and nationally to recover and grow the UK’s clinical research portfolio.

This session is supported by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).

Victoria Macdonald, Health and Social Care Editor - Channel 4 News
Lindsey Hughes, Director of Policy, Research and Engagement - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Lucy Chappell, Chief Scientific Adviser - Department of Health and Social Care
Pamela Kearns, Director, Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences - University of Birmingham
Russell Abberley, General Manager - Amgen