Capturing, assessing, testing and sharing ideas that can support elective recovery - together

16 Jun 2022
PUU3 - 11A
Quality & clinical improvement

This interactive and engaging session will enable you to participate with the #SolvingTogether programme. Using creative techniques, you will work with other NHS ConfedExpo attendees designing ideas and solutions that can help transform the way the NHS provides elective care.

During the session you will:

  • gain an understanding of the impact and possibilities for crowdsourcing when looking for solutions to complex issues.
  • work together to create a set of ideas that will lead to high-value changes spread across the country.
  • build your network – connect with people from across all of health and care.

Throughout the session you will be able to get involved using virtual platforms as well as reaching 'beyond the walls' by engaging on Twitter.

Helen Bevan, Strategic Advisor - NHS Horizons team
Cristina Serrao, Lived Experience Ambassador - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Divine Azange, Pathology Transformation Implementation Lead - NHSI